Concrete Damage Repair and Coating

This beautiful home in Stoneybrook Subdivision was built in 1999 and had just a little bit of spalling near the overhead door opening.  There was a couple of cracks, which was not surprising as there were no expansion joints going side-to-side.  No other previous coatings were present.  Jack contacted us to see if we can fix the concrete damage and be the beginning of a garage makeover.  Of course, we agreed.  We ground the floor off to remove the stains, open up on the concrete pores for the best adhesion. You can see our grinder in the Before picture and how the concrete beyond the grinder is turned white and clean looking.  We filled the spalled area and the cracks with a quick-drying proprietary filler that allows us to grind it smooth, level with the rest of the floor, within 30 minutes.  After cleaning everything up, we coated the entire floor with 3 coats of polyaspartic floor coatings and a full broadcast mix of tan vinyl flake (Saddletan color blend).  The 1st coat is always the primer coat.  The 2nd coat is used to add to the primer and embed the flake.  After knocking down and picking up any loose flake, we sealed the whole floor with a 3rd coat, encapsulating the flake and making it easy to clean. 
Epoxy floors
Concrete repair
Before Close Up - Front Edge
Garage makeover
After Close Up - Front Edge, After filling spalling and coating

More Concrete Damage Repair and Coating

This floor is near Eagle Creek.  Shawna contacted us after buying this duplex that was built in 1984.  This is in a great location and very convenient to the lake and far off I-465.  Based on the kayak on the wall, being close to the lake is probably a good thing.  We believe many things had be updated inside, but the garage floor had never been touched.  That's where we come in.  Fixing deteriorated concrete is our specialty.  You can see our grinder in the first "Before" picture; this picture was taken right before we started grinding.  The concrete was very rough with a lot of damage.  We ground it down smooth, including the expansion joint and the concrete foundation curb around the perimeter.  We then coated it with 3 coats of polyaspartic (the 1st coat is a primer coat) along with full broadcast coverage of Tuxedo flake (black & white).  This garage is now better than new and Shawna was quite happy.  
How to fix concrete damage
Before - Rough Concrete, Lots of Pitting
Concrete Damage Repair
Before - Close Up. Front Edge was rough. 
After - Ground down small. Pitting filled in. Fully coated & beautiful. 

New Construction

This was a brand new secondary detached garage.  It was nearly 1,100 square feet, but it was traditionally stick built, not like a pole barn or metal building.  We had to coordinate with the brick crew so we prepped on one day and then had to wait a few days to coat it to allow the brick masons to finish the front of the building.  Just like any other floor, we used our 20" diamond grinder on this floor to prep it.  One of the brick masons actually dropped something on the concrete and chipped it before we coated it, but we were able to fill in the chip.  This customer wanted partial flake and we were able to give them just what they wanted.  
Concrete Epoxy
Before - just starting to grind it.
epoxy garage floors
After - Partial Flake Terrazzo on Tan
polyaspartic concrete floor coatings
After - Close Up at Floor Level
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